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Photo by Monica

Here’s me geeking out in my customized Edward Cullen t-shirt on the way to see Eclipse this morning at ten a.m. I wanted to sneak it in before chemo tomorrow. I had to wear the shirt. I was in the mood for fun and fun was had. In fact, I’ve been feeling so great the last few days that I’ve been saying to myself and others, “If I could just feel like this every day, I would never want anything else in life.” What else could be worth wanting?

And then later today, things got a hundred times better. I met with Doc G (Not in the Edward shirt. Sorry girls, I just couldn’t.) and he told me my CA-125 had dropped from 600 to 100 in 21 days. I believe that is an 83% decrease, but you might want to check my numbers given my track record with accuracy (Katrina :-) ).

Hooray is not a big enough word. FANTASTIC!!! is much better.

We are so happy here, so so happy. So now I feel so good AND I know that the battle is nearly won before we are even halfway through the fight.

More than likely, we’ll continue all six treatments in spite of what Doc G is calling my “remarkably quick response.” But it’ll be easier to cope with all the ugh that goes along with the treatment knowing that things are going so well on a cellular level.

When I emailed the news to Dennis at work, his heart swelled and nearly burst with gratitude. In fact it blocked the sun for a brief moment. The second eclipse of the day. The gratitude eclipse of the sun. Did you see it?

So, I may not be able to go to the world-famous Company 4th of July picnic, but  I will not miss the Sugartown parade, and I will watch some fireworks on TV. I will imagine they are big, bright bursts of THANK YOU to the universe from our family.



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Photo by Monica

The Sugartown Gang was in full effect yesterday. They swam in Heather’s pool from four until after nine, with one tiny break to nibble on food.  Their energy is out of this world, their laughter, vervacious™ enough to keep the planets in alignment, their goofiness…there are no words, not even made-up ones.

Heather hosted a bbq at Summer Central on one of what I’m calling my “furlough” weekends. It’s one of the four weekends this summer that follows a full week without chemo. That means it’s a weekend for as much fun as can be packed in. This weekend past was a furlough weekend, and I’ve got two left before kindergarten (omg) starts.

This weekend was one for the record-books. On Saturday I watched England lose (completely unfairly) to Ghana while the boys hunted for bugs in the garden. Then we went to John and Eddy’s in the East Bay and spent most of the day on the deck, gazing across the bay at what might have been San Francisco underneath all that fog. They’re babysitting a gorgeous little puppy, whom I was so worried Little J would fall in love with, but instead, I fell in love with. How could I not? He fell asleep right in my arms.

On Sunday morning, we took Little J to his swim lesson. It was the first time I’ve been able to go. Believe me when I say that sitting in the shade and watching little J have a lesson, then swim with his daddy for an hour is nothing less than full-on bliss. Just that. Just sitting and watching, comfortable in my body, loving them so much.

It’s tricky, this summer. There are eight weeks left. On the one hand, I want it to last forever. After all, did I mention Little J starts kindergarten at the end of it? And on the other hand, if when things go right as planned, I’ll be done with chemo by September 8th. So I kind of want it to go quickly.

Luckily, the only thing I can do is stay right in the moment, because each one is so different. Perfectly happy and energetic one day, curled up in pain and fever and oh-my-God-are-we-going-the-M*A*S*H* unit-ER-the next.

Today is happy, healthy, strong and grateful. And now I must go. I hear the vuvuzelas calling me. Go Braziiiilll! (Sorry Jon in Chile. Please forgive me for that one).



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