Today is gray. I’m inspired to beautify my space, to add a little surprise right here next to me, to keep things cheery. Perhaps a little yarn angel in a tea cup will do the trick nicely.

Ahh, that’s better. A tiny gesture to keep me smiling. You are all so creative. I know it. Email me a photo, taken from your phone or camera of some gesture of beauty you made today, to brighten your “space.” A ribbon around your pencil cup? Some glitter on your blotter pad? And I will post them. Include your name and city if you like. Let’s see if we can get Australia, England, Chile, NYC, and LA to participate. Go beauty!! Mail to

Update: Email me via Contact if your pic isn’t posted here. Some are not getting through.



Mari, SF

Legos make the world a better place. Hyun, Santa Barbara

Jodi's desk. Turlock, CA

Lori's music stand. Sugartown, CA

Mia, beautified. From Katrina in Shrewsbury, PA.

Purple Cranes. Helena, Wollongong, Australia

Leigh, Sugartown, CA.

Dennis, SF

Sandra. Venice, CA.

Eddy, Piedmont, CA.

Carolyn's Letter Box. Portland, OR

Amy's desktop, beautified by little H. Jersey City, Jersey.

Vilma, beautified. Santiago, Chile.

Cathy's parasol. Petaluma, CA


  1. Jodi’s avatar

    Love this!! And, it just rained here! I, too, need some cheer (and not the consumable kind!) Mine is on the way.

  2. Jennifer’s avatar

    Thanks, Jodi. Love the hand-made signs.

    And Hyun, it took me so long to realize that we are looking at a picture of a picture of your family. Awesome.

  3. Jodi’s avatar

    Those “hand made” notes are from my boss’ kids who leave them for me when they come to the office and I’m not here. They are my inspiration on hard days. I glance at “Jodi Rocks” on a bad day and instantly things are okay. I call them my “little Motivators!”

    This was a fun project.
    Thanks, Jenn

  4. Jennifer’s avatar

    Jodi *does* rock.

  5. Helena’s avatar

    Jennifer, that littlest crane is teeny tiny, eensy weensy—made by my girl—and then my boy came up afterwards with an itsy bitsy, even smaller, white crane! And now they have made paper armour for their toys and have made a castle and we’re about to write a play involving dragons and a stolen queen… Ah. Beauty beauty everywhere! :)

  6. Lori’s avatar

    I love the flower bookmarks!


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