One for Beauty

Green shoots peeking out from a charred landscape is what the healer saw when she closed her eyes and lay next to me.

“Spring is coming,” she said.

I feel it, too. As cold as it got last night, and as gray as it has been for days, I see those shoots coming out of the ice, coming out of the darked-over places in the landscape, in my body. I intend to focus on the green shoots, to stand over them and whisper, “grow, grow.”

Green is the color of healing, compassion, the heart chakra, balance, life.


My third seed of intention for 2011 is to align myself with beauty in the form of the healing, hopefulness, and perfection of the color green. Taking walks by brimming Sugartown creeks, whose rocks’ light-green doll hair is moss, swept by the currents; filling the house with plants (and actually watering them); blending my super-green smoothies of kale, cucumber, celery and the like, I’m going stock up on the life-giving color in any way I can.

Color is electromagnetic energy. We’re drawn to a certain hue because of its particular vibration, because we need something from it. I need something from green. And I’m going with it.

A Bursting of Green by Raymond A. Foss

Long dormant carpet of grey, of brown
parched and pending
poised for an awakening
showers and warming
a bursting of green
in the yard, the trees, my world
a different day,
from a single spring shower
on a world ready
for greening



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  1. Mari’s avatar

    I’m with you, sister. Green is good medicine. I went for a walk in Golden Gate Park the other day and thought, “Aaaah. Happy.”

  2. Shelly’s avatar

    Beautiful. You should look into Hildegaard von Bingen. She had a thing with green and has some beautiful chants and illuminations that might interest you.

  3. Cathy’s avatar

    Thank you so much for this posting, which prompted me to remember and re-read one of my favorite poems. Later that day, I drove down my street and found that along the roadside, flowers were beginning to bloom. So I think you are right: spring is in the air!

    Spring and All
    by William Carlos Williams

    By the road to the contagious hospital
    under the surge of the blue
    mottled clouds driven from the
    northeast-a cold wind. Beyond, the
    waste of broad, muddy fields
    brown with dried weeds, standing and fallen

    patches of standing water
    the scattering of tall trees

    All along the road the reddish
    purplish, forked, upstanding, twiggy
    stuff of bushes and small trees
    with dead, brown leaves under them
    leafless vines-

    Lifeless in appearance, sluggish
    dazed spring approaches-

    They enter the new world naked,
    cold, uncertain of all
    save that they enter. All about them
    the cold, familiar wind-

    Now the grass, tomorrow
    the stiff curl of wildcarrot leaf
    One by one objects are defined-
    It quickens: clarity, outline of leaf

    But now the stark dignity of
    entrance-Still, the profound change
    has come upon them: rooted, they
    grip down and begin to awaken


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