Littl J’s Christmas List

Guess which cup it's under.

1. Kuhng Zu World. “If Santa can hear me, he’ll know what it is.”

2. A 3-D book that you can touch and feel the future.

3. A stuffy that can come to life when you push a button. Specifically, an iguana with real spikes on it.

4. Float boots that float you right up and over the house when you put them on. And float gloves so you can say, “Follow the gloves,” and the boots will float you where you move your hands.

For Princess T:

A ring that grows into a necklace then back to a ring if she wants. It can glow blue when she wants to use it to walk through walls.

For Princess M:

Same as Princess T, but also a science kit.

For Nafe:

A marc-mo-bot, so if he misses his brother, he can play with it.

For Dad:

A new computer for work that tells him what someone is thinking when they are about to walk into his office. Then he can turn his head and talk to the person and already know what to say. And the computer will keep working for him while he’s talking to the person. Then he can leave the computer at work to keep working and come home and play with me.

For Mom:

“I can’t tell you, then you’d know.”


The kiss-mo-bot. A robot that has soft cheeks and looks like me, so you can give it kisses while I’m at school. And it will laugh at your jokes.

Merry Christmas,



  1. Marina’s avatar

    I just hope all his wishes comes true… He is really, really smart




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