Check Engine Light is OFF

Snabby took this of Little J in a redwood at Muir Woods

As though any of us needed a reminder that things can turn ON A DIME. I just found out that my PetCt was clear. The thing that one group of radiologists saw on the previous scan had no metabolic activity, no blood supply, no life, no potency. Nada. Remission confirmed (again).

So the trial to keep me healthy and strong should start tomorrow with one little benign injection. Wahoo.

Let’s celebrate with pictures of J and Lil’ Salty being fly at Muir Woods. (Pictures by Snabby).

Those are shinguards on Lil J’s arms. He uses them as Superhero arm bands. I think Lil Salty is flashing some signs, perhaps Sugartown signs?

Hope your week has been calm, lovely, and non-nail-bitingly terrific.



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  1. Ronnie’s avatar

    Wahoo, indeed, sweetie. Glad we can just worry about your Jetta :) . Love you. rj

  2. Shelly’s avatar

    Wahoo! Get that trial started :)
    Love from Maui,
    Shelly and Jeff

  3. Corrina Kelly-Nelson’s avatar

    This is WONDERFUL news Jen!! Good luck with your trial! Love the pictures of Lil J and Lil Salty. I laughed out loud when I read that Lil J was wearing shingards! Love it!! Lil J and his superheros, too cute!! xoxoxo

  4. jo’s avatar

    Remission rocks! Go you!
    besos xxx

  5. Jennifer’s avatar

    Hi Ladies,
    Thanks for sharing the excitement of this news. I felt confident it was nothing, but it’s always gut-wrenching to suspect something, and it feels so good to get everything cleared. Hugs!


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