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Traveling Mouse by Maggie Rudy

Tomorrow I start my journey as Mouse Number 8 in the ovarian cancer maintenance trial known as GOG 255.

The first step is for me to get an MRI of my chest at 8:00 am. I’ve never done this before. They say I’ll be slid into a long tube and hear loud banging. I’m praying for calm and zero claustrophobia.

Next week, I have an MRI of my abdomen and pelvis, then some blood work.

The following week, I get my first injection of the mystery substance. We know for sure I’ll get an immuno-boosting substance made from a tree bark. And perhaps I will also get the vaccine that will keep the OC away. Fingers crossed.

Dennis and I are feeling good about the trial. The fact that the substances are non-toxic, immuno-supportive, and helpful, rather than harmful, gives us relief and hope.

In the mean time, as Dennis’s 40th nears, I’m thinking of chocolate cakes and little surprises. I’m thinking of guests, of family and friends, of clinking glasses and celebration, of presents and smooches and the like.

Tomorrow is two years since the cancer part of our story began, a day before his birthday. This year, we’ll let the healing and the cheering blur out that memory, let the sun burst through that cloud that hangs over the day before, let the anticipation of celebration mark the day instead.

Chocolate frosting smooches and hugs,


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  1. Jodi’s avatar

    Jenn, good luck with the trial. My fingers are crossed. As for the MRI – I’ve had a few. My advice; close your eyes (ask for a cloth to put over them so you’re not tempted to open them to see just how close that tube is) … drift to a place where the sun is warm, the sounds are rythmic, and the aroma tickles your nose with the scent of plumeria. Or, if you’re in an open MRI – have Dennis hold your hand – that’s what Erik did. It will be over before you know it.

  2. Jo’s avatar

    We wish you well on your next travels Jenn. The mystery substance can only be helpful and your positive vibe even more so!

    Thinking of the birthday times over there and wishing we were there to welcome Dennis to a new decade.

    The chocolate frosting and the smell of baking goodies, on top of the joy and love in your household will definitely blur any memories of darker times! We’ll be thinking of you tomorrow and on the 18th too ;-)

    Enjoy the party
    love to you all


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