Bhakti Boy

The other day, we went to Waimea Canyon, the immense and lush depression formed by erosion and the collapse of the original crater that formed Kauai millions of years ago.

Three fuchsia leis had been strewn along the lip of the canyon, an offering to the Gods. I wanted to feel a connection to the sacredness of the place, to be inwardly vast enough myself to soak it in.

Little J took off his flip-flops and told us to do the same. “Feel the lava sand, you guys,” he said, closing his eyes. “It’s still warm from the volcano.”  Smiling, Dennis and I took off our shoes, following J’s lead, we stood and tried to feel the energy in the lava sand.

Then the Little One lay down in the red dirt to make a “lava angel.”

He used the top of his head to make the angel’s face.

Then added lava rocks for the eyes. A perfect offering.

Before we left, Little J insisted we do a “family bow” at the edge of the canyon. He had us stand in a circle and touch palms in a kind of triple namaste. Then, following his lead, we all bowed our heads slowly.

My fourth trip to this canyon over the last decade or so. My first real experience of it.



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  1. Jo’s avatar

    What a tremendous experience to see through eyes of a child.

    Namaste indeed!


  2. Linda’s avatar

    Love how grounded (and yet spiritual) Little J is and how perfectly you captured both the canyon and his interpretation. Thanks for sharing.

    Hugs and aloha,

  3. chris’s avatar

    We will soon visit your special place in the Waimea Canyon and look for the traces of Little J and his angel.

    xox, C

  4. Shelly’s avatar

    What a sweet and powerful story. And what a beautiful day! How rare for such blue sky and bright sun to revel at Waimea Canyon.
    Love, Shelly


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