Namaste, Indeed

I was going to post today about my trip to the ER early Saturday morning, about how being in the ER is the only time that I actually wonder whether this fight is worth the agony and indignity it sometimes involves. I wondered about how shocked my faithful readers (you are all over the world now!)  would be  to hear that sometimes I want to give up. The ER can really make you feel that way.

Instead, I am happy to post about the fact that our family is DONE WITH CHEMO. You heard me right. WE ARE DONE!!!

I walked into the Dr.’s office this morning with my numbing cream on my IV port, and my yellow sticky note on my Elle Magazine, ready to regale Doc G with the usual battery of questions and results of my most recent research (thank you, Dan). When he sat down and said, “I think we’re at a point where stopping makes sense,” I didn’t even hear it. I responded with, “I really don’t want to do this anymore.”

He and Dennis looked at each other like I hadn’t understood. Because I hadn’t.

“I think we can be done now. Your CA-125 is great, and your bone marrow has taken a beating. Doing more would not make sense.”

My first thought was that, instead of spending six hours in chemo today I was going to read my Elle magazine, have a long bath, spend time with Dennis, and plan his 40th birthday party.

And then it hit me. I have my body back. My bones, my poor bones and their marrow can begin the healing process.

We all teared up, even Doc G.

It is all I can do not to run down the street and get Little J out of school and smother him with kisses. Boy is he gonna get some after school.

For now, I’m so happy to share this news with you all. Biggest hugs and thanks, and keep reading here for  lots of pictures and notes about the sweet life in Sugartown. Because we never really lost sight of that, did we?


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  1. trash’s avatar

    No we really didn’t lose sight of that bigger picture. Huge big smooches to little J on his return from school and bon chance w D’s party.

  2. jenn’s avatar

    Thanks, Trash. I almost kissed his face off. Then we all went out for frozen yogurt. He got gummy bears AND m & m s on his. Sends hugs across the country and the pond to you and yours.

  3. Jenny’s avatar

    Fantastic news. Your grace and feistiness, all bound up together, are wonderful. Namaste is the word for today!

  4. Jo’s avatar

    jenn i’m so thrilled for you – and the boyos! i bet that frozen yoghurt was not all little J was happy with!

    love you lots

  5. Jenn’s avatar

    Hi Jo!! Little J was definitely aware and happy about the news. He and his friends (the Sugartown Gang) formed a band called “No More Chemo” last night. Look for tour dates in the future. XO

  6. Helena’s avatar

    So happy for you, Jennifer… looking forward as always to more stories of your sweet life in Sugartown, with this bit behind you and so much healing and beauty ahead…!


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