Back From Camping

You’d think that with all the sleeping I did on this trip, I wouldn’t still be so tired three days later. After all, I was in bed before ten on both nights. Everyone else did the work.

Example: here are Uncle Mike and Dennis blowing up the air mattresses before Uncle John arrived with the pump.

*Note Little J’s helpful relaxing.

The next day, Little J pulled his weight by carrying his own oar on the way to do some boating:

And everyone else cooked, schlepped gear, and poured the drinks.

The entire clan (seven adults and three kids) had a fantastic time in the great outdoors battling with the squirrels (who managed to make off with a Cliff Bar and several chips), playing on the rocks, and making s’mores.

It was the second-to-last weekend of September, and we definitely had one foot in summer (a bright, hot Saturday), and one foot in the fall (a cloudy, rainy Sunday). Make that one soggy, dirty, stinky foot:

Little J’s sock, which got left out in the rain near Uncle Tom’s tent (as a little gift?) sort of says it all. Seriously, you should see the inside of my car. By the end of the weekend, we were a pack of mud monsters.

But Little J got to play with his cousins, and we all got to catch up and spend some much-needed time together. My favorite parts were waking up in the tent with Dennis and Little J, seeing J play with his cousins, and watching my two guys do their favorite thing:

The tent, sleeping bag, air mattresses, and lanterns are all washed and packed up for next summer.



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  1. Jo’s avatar

    what a great shot of D and little J! sounds like a perfect weekend, but one that seriously needs a recovery time ;-)

    wish we were coming over to share your fall!

    wanna skype your thursday afternoon?

  2. jenn’s avatar

    I wish you could come enjoy our fall, too, especially since it’s baking season. Can’t skype thurs. Have two little boys coming over to make shrinky dinks. ;-) I’ll email to set up a skype date next week.

  3. trash’s avatar

    Loving that pic of your two boys. Also loving lil’J's helpfulness while the beds were being inflated.

  4. Jennifer’s avatar

    Trash, thanks! Yes, Little J is nothing if not helpful!

  5. Helena’s avatar

    Jennifer, that’s such a yummy photo of Dennis and Little J. What a great summer you’ve had! And I love the sense of fall coming into your posts…sweet and a little bit goose-pimply and gives me a pang to be back. It would be lovely to see you all!


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