Autumn Plans

J. Briggs

Even though it’s not officially fall yet, it sure feels like it is. School has started, the sun hangs lower in the sky and sets earlier, and the air has that crisp clarity to it and even smells a little like freshly sharpened pencils. Okay, that last part might be mostly my imagination.

Our family’s plans for early fall included my being done with chemo by today. A delay for a blood transfusion a few weeks ago set us back a week, and another day yesterday set us back one more. Last chemo, my platelet count was 95, almost too low to¬† get an infusion, but Doc G and I decided to soldier on given my reluctance to delay. Yesterday, the count was 45 (normal is around 120) which is way too low to do chemo. I was so disappointed to delay another week, but there’s nothing we could do. There’s no shot to boost platelets; you just have to wait. Now we’re hoping to be able to squeeze in these last two infusions before our trip to Kauai on the 15th of October. Please, please!!

After Hawaii, I’ll have Pet/Ct to make sure the cancer ditzels have vanished as my low CA-125 (now 9.8!) would suggest. Then the oncologist power possee will pow-wow and decided whether we should try to squeeze in another round or call “uncle”: Doc G’s words. Did he see Madmen this week?

After that, we’re now talking about a maintenance plan with a drug called Avastin. Unlike chemo, which attacks all quickly multiplying cells (including hair and nails!) Avastin cuts off blood supply to tumors and has been shown to keep ladies with the advanced OC in remission longer. So, it’s a good option. It has no chemo-like side-effects, so it’s considered a “lifestyle” drug, meaning you can continue with a normal lifestyle while on it. There are a few scary possible long-term effects which I won’t go into. Our hope is that this drug will keep me in remission until something like a cure is found.

Speaking of cures, September is National Ovarian Cancer Awareness month, so please take action to increase funding for research. And please continue to visualize my health and a cure for all us ladies who are battling.


  1. Jo’s avatar

    It must be frustrating to have to delay another week Jenn, but the platelets can only do what platelets do! I know this from experience! ;-)

    Keep in mind the sunning and swimming and surfing in Hawaii and it’ll be here before you know it!
    Avastin sounds like a good choice. I’ll be interested to hear the results of the pow wow!

    love ya

  2. terre’s avatar

    Big HUGS, Ms. Jennifer!! Allen and I are thinking about you and sending love and good wishes for a healing and beautiful autumn! Thanks for posting the videos. I didn’t know. xoxo

  3. jenn’s avatar

    Hi Jo, I’m soooo happy to be going to Hawaii. Only wish you were meeting us again. Hi Terre, thanks for your sweet words. I’m looking forward to seeing you soon!


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