Happy Camper

This photo sort of says it all. Our camping trip to Spring Lake in Santa Rosa was perfect. We were not expecting to feel so far away from it all, but we did. Little J took to it like a squirrel to a pile of acorns, which he collected and left outside little squirrel holes.

The three of us spent hours at the picnic table building the Lego fire truck Uncle Mike had gotten him for his birthday. Then it was down to the swimming pond for splashing and paddling and ice cream sandwiches. My favorite was lying on my warm beach towel and watching Little J play with Dennis in the water, J’s summer-bleached hair drenched in sun like a halo.

I did get into the water myself, and Little J said, “Mommy, I can’t believe it’s your first time swimming since your medicine.” Just when you think kids couldn’t possibly be keeping track of such things.

At night, after glorious bbq’d meals by Dennis, we ate s’mores and counted stars. Then we all piled into the tent to sleep. It’s a three-man tent, but with J sleeping at a diagonal between us, his face smashed against mine (bliss) and his feet tangled up in D’s knees (not so much), we barely fit. This arrangement was well-worth the sleeping in til 8:30 each morning, though.

In the end, Little J missed his cat and his friends, but Dennis and I felt we could have stayed another week. We’ll definitely be going back there soon. I’d lost track of my supposed illness the whole time, all the walking and playing and breathing fresh air. It’s magic. And it reminds me of our family’s favorite summer anthem: California Stars, written by Woody Guthrie and performed by Wilco and Billy Bragg. Enjoy.

Hugs, Jennifer

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  1. jo Reilly’s avatar

    Oh Jennifer it made me wish we could go camping with you! It’s one holiday we never did take together among all our trips ;-) Maybe one day soon!

    What exactly are s’mores?


  2. Uncle Mike’s avatar

    Your words paint such a beautiful picture and your soundtrack made the story wash over me like a baptism.

  3. ronnie’s avatar

    That’s one of our very favorite songs too. So happy that you had such a wonderful time. Miguel is coveting that fire truck! Hugs to you three. :) rj

  4. Helena’s avatar

    I LOVED that you posted that song here. I adore that album. In a single post, to get to picture you all so joyful over there, having such a blissful, blessed time together, and then listen to that song…well. It filled me. I am so happy for you, and feeling such great energy coming from you and to you; yes, it IS a beautiful summer.
    love Helena

  5. Jennifer’s avatar

    Jo! I can’t believe we haven’t camped together. Soon! S’mores are made by roasting marshmallows over an open fire and putting them between two graham crackers and two pieces of chocolate. It all melts together and is gooeyilicious.

  6. Jennifer’s avatar

    Mike, I love your comment and that you posted it. Thank you. Ronnie, hugs!, Helena, I adore that album too. We are already planning our next camping trip for September. There’s nothing like being outdoors to heal the body. Hugs.


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