Checkered flag, here I come!

Yesterday, after chemo, we unfurled Little J’s new slip-n-slide and discovered it was a deluxe¬† dual-lane race slide with a checkered flag at the end. Perfect! We’d been talking about checkered flags all morning.

Yesterday’s treatment marked the turn around the half-way bend in the road. I now have more treatments behind me than in front of me. And YES!! My numbers continue to plummet. The CA-125 is down nearly another 80% at 25, which is, WNR (within normal range). Fabulous.

I still have Thursday’s dose, then two more rounds, but I can see that checkered flag already. Can’t you? Flapping in the wind, welcoming me back to remission.

The camping trip was a huge success, more on that tomorrow.

Hugs and happy weekend!


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  1. Eric’s avatar

    Yay, yay, yay for slipnslide! Yay for you and the checkered flag! Yay that I’m sitting in the cold mountain air in Wollongong looking at a pic of a little dude on a slipnslide. Big hugs coming up to you guys. Big, big hugs!

  2. Joanne’s avatar

    Yay for you Jenn! I can’t believe how grown up Little J looks! Clearly he’s having a ‘growing’ summer of fun.
    Do you actually get to race each other on the slide? Wish i was there to share the fun.

    love ya xxx


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