Stephanie Aurora Clark Nielson

Sometimes women inspire more than they could possibly imagine.

Stephanie Nielson is the author of one of my favorite blogs, NieNieDialogues. For years, she’s blogged about the joys of motherhood without literally blogging about the joys of motherhood. She writes about her life, her kids, and it is simply joyous. Because she is the coolest mom on the block blogs, ladies everywhere quickly became devoted fans. Stephanie’s  joie de vivre chronicles inspired them to enjoy their simple lives, their kids, and their daily routines, and to breathe a little creativity into everything.

She’s got style, a great smile (as you can see) and taste for miles.

A while ago, Ms. Nielson and her husband were in a plane crash. Stephanie sustained burns over eighty percent of her body. Gently nursed back to happiness by her heroic husband and kids, and her devoted readers, Stephanie continues to inspire us to see what is perfect and beautiful about a life that is, at times, not perfect or beautiful.

Take a look at her post today, Mr. Nielson’s Top Ten, where she counts down her favorite moments with her husband in 2009.



Photo taken from RiceBabies but originated elsewhere, I’m sure.

  1. Sidney’s avatar

    I really enjoy her blog! I’ve been visiting her site for a few months now, and just read her top 2009 ten before I visited your site. What a nice reference for your new blog, Jen! The interwebs are getting smaller…


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