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Here’s me geeking out in my customized Edward Cullen t-shirt on the way to see Eclipse this morning at ten a.m. I wanted to sneak it in before chemo tomorrow. I had to wear the shirt. I was in the mood for fun and fun was had. In fact, I’ve been feeling so great the last few days that I’ve been saying to myself and others, “If I could just feel like this every day, I would never want anything else in life.” What else could be worth wanting?

And then later today, things got a hundred times better. I met with Doc G (Not in the Edward shirt. Sorry girls, I just couldn’t.) and he told me my CA-125 had dropped from 600 to 100 in 21 days. I believe that is an 83% decrease, but you might want to check my numbers given my track record with accuracy (Katrina :-) ).

Hooray is not a big enough word. FANTASTIC!!! is much better.

We are so happy here, so so happy. So now I feel so good AND I know that the battle is nearly won before we are even halfway through the fight.

More than likely, we’ll continue all six treatments in spite of what Doc G is calling my “remarkably quick response.” But it’ll be easier to cope with all the ugh that goes along with the treatment knowing that things are going so well on a cellular level.

When I emailed the news to Dennis at work, his heart swelled and nearly burst with gratitude. In fact it blocked the sun for a brief moment. The second eclipse of the day. The gratitude eclipse of the sun. Did you see it?

So, I may not be able to go to the world-famous Company 4th of July picnic, but  I will not miss the Sugartown parade, and I will watch some fireworks on TV. I will imagine they are big, bright bursts of THANK YOU to the universe from our family.



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  1. Sidney’s avatar

    Hurrah, you big geek! That is GREAT news. For you:

    It really is interactive. Enjoy in your downtime. I hope you win!

  2. Sidney’s avatar

    Oops. Sorry. My post wasn’t timely enough…

  3. Jennifer’s avatar

    You are hilarious, Sidney. Thanks for posting the game. So funny. Hugs.

  4. Helena Dunan’s avatar

    Jennifer, that’s beautiful news. I’ve been reading your blog, feeling inspired, awed, overjoyed, moved, and all other good things by the words you’ve written. I think of you often from across the puddle, and have sent you many waves of love and positivity—perhaps you’ve felt the particular Australian-ness of those vibes? D passed your blog address to E who passed it to me, and so we are connected again, and that’s another good thing. I love good things.
    So, how was the movie? :-)

  5. Jennifer’s avatar

    Hi Helena,

    It’s so good to hear from you. You and my friend Joanne are both sending waves of love from Australia. Do I feel them? I dive in them, float on them, let them wash over me. Thank YOU!

    The movie was actually good. No, really. It was.

    Glad to be reconnected with you and thank you for all of your kind words about my blog. How is your writing coming? Send me an email. I read the Lovely Bones, and loved it. It reminded me of your award-winning short story, which I actually liked even better.

    Hugs, J

  6. Helena Dunan’s avatar

    Thanks so much! I tried contacting you a few days ago through the Contact Jennifer tab thingy, but succeeded only in emailing myself. Clever, huh. So I just tried sending you an email, to an address I found by digging around my yahoo account, but it might be Old! If you don’t get it, and have a second to send me an email so I can reply, that would be swell.
    Say a very fond hello to your boys for me. We miss you guys—I had this sudden vision of you at the beach near our house, throwing a stick to a dog. Now I’m thinking, which dog was that? But it’s a happy vision, and I’m glad for it,

    love Helena


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