A Good Response

Why so smiley? This morning, before chemo, I found out that my CA-125 is down 200 points. That’s a 25% decrease after the first round. Hooray is in order. HOORAY. The doctor who was filling in for my regular Doc G, started the conversation with, “You’re just a baby!” and “You can’t possibly be 40,” so I was already chipper when he said, “Now I have some really good news for you. This regimen is working. It is working.”

Thank God and everyone out there who is praying for me and sending good thoughts.

On top of that, chemo was a breeze with my new fancy port. I’m telling you, it’s going to be a great summer in spite of the C.

D and I got home in time to see Little J and share the news with the neighbors before J had to be ushered off to his big “Preschool Graduation Party” where there will be: a treasure hunt, a jumpy house, a candy walk (whatever that is) and pizza.

So we’re all celebrating tonight.

Oh, and my hair has begun to shed, which only means I’ll be sporting a look similar to the one above this summer. Ah well, I’d trade my hair for the news I got today, easily.

Cheers and hugs,


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  1. jo Reilly’s avatar

    woo hoo! what a great day …good news from the Doc and a preschool graduation to finish! I love it.

    …we’ll celebrate over here too!

    let’s chat again soon
    love ya

  2. Jodi’s avatar

    J~ You are truly an inspiration! That is great news that I am so happy to hear. ~J

  3. Shelly Dieterle’s avatar

    What a beautiful and joyous way to share your news. HOORAY! Hugs.

  4. Kim Baccellia’s avatar

    Yahoo, for good news!!!!!!
    Cyber hugs!


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