Gathering Rosebuds

My week off from treatment has been awesome. I’m so happy to report that about a week after the last treatment, around Wednesday, I started to feel so much better and even felt normal. One tiny setback was that the “bone crusher” marrow-stimulating shot kicked in on Wednesday making sitting or standing suddenly really painful. But that passed in a day. Since then, it’s been ahhh.

On Tuesday, Little J got to spend the afternoon with his pal Lil’ Salty.

On Friday, we had a sleepover with Princess T.

On Sunday, it was back to the fishing hole, this time with mom.

Then later that night, it was dinner and movie with Princess M.

And finally, yesterday, we went for a swim in the neighbor’s pool.

We’re packing in as much fun and together-time as we can as we have big week ahead. Tomorrow is the surgery to put in the chest port for easier administration of the chemo, and Thursday is dose 1 of round 2. Friday is Little J’s graduation from preschool, and we’re all planning to go.

Hope your week is off to a great start!



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  1. patricia’s avatar

    Thinking of you today Jenn and sending you lots of love and hugs. Thanks for keeping us updated. I love reading your blog. You are a terrific and eloquent writer!

  2. Karen Rea’s avatar

    Thinking about you and your family all the time Jennifer. You continue to amaze me with your fearlessness and incredible spirit. That fantastic smile on J’s face is testament to what a wonderful job you and D are doing caring for him during these times. You are all amazing.

    Much love,

    Karen, Mike and Elsie

    PS: what a ladies man little J is turning out to be! ;-)


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