Goody Gum Drops

Day one went well yesterday. The six hours in the chair flew by somehow. They didn’t prep me with IV Benadryl which would normally “snow” me out for the whole time, so it was the first time I was awake, lucid, chatting with some of the other ladies. D was there, working when he could, holding my hand, making me laugh.

Later that afternoon, J got the special treat of snuggling into bed and eating a small bounty of his favorite gum-drops while listening to a “Virgil Story”. Virgil, our cat, gets up to lots of adventures while little J is asleep and at preschool, so each morning, he gets to hear about the adventures as I piece them together from the best of my recollection. The adventures often involve the other animals and children in the neighborhood, flying beds and play structures, and lots of good vs evil. Yesterday morning, there’d been no story as I had to leave early. Thus, the afternoon gumdrops and story in bed. Luxurious. Virgil was in attendance to confirm each twist of the plot with a purry nod.

Speaking of Virgil, Little J has been building ever-more comfortable sleeping spots for his beloved cat, right by his food bowl. Protection and comfort seem to be the themes of the project. The boy loves his cat.

Virgil can enter through the port hole on the left and is kept warm by a friend-made quilt for Little J.



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  1. Ms. Miller’s avatar

    Sounds like sweetness abounds in Sugartown. xo

    PS – Whooosh.

  2. Mmmm’s avatar

    GGGD (Goody goody gumdrops!) :)

  3. Shelly Dieterle’s avatar

    Sweet story. I wish I was the recipient of daily story telling. My imagination would soar with your creativity and articulation. Never mind the lusciousness of gum-drops!


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