Little J applying forty pounds of pressure.

Those of you who know me, who’ve known me since J was born especially, know that I believe in this kid. Behind gritted teeth, when I see J climbing something too high, I tell him to hang on and that he can do it. Okay, fine, sometimes I have to turn away. But I don’t stop him. Usually, I egg him on. Sure, I’ll stop him if he’s trash-talking kids like Charles Barkley on the playground. In spite of rolled eyes, I’ll step in. It’s a behavior he learned at preschool and we’ve been trying to break him of it for years. Other than that, kid’s on his own.

But STILL! When he announced on Sunday that he wanted to ride his bike with no training wheels, I hesitated. I wanted D to loosen them a bit so J could take it slowly. I didn’t want him to scare himself and then never want to try again. Fortunately D overrode that idea and went ahead and took off the wheels. And with a little bit of help, little J was off. Just. Like. That. He said he was going to do it. And then he did it.

Neighbor M had rounded up the kids to come watch. Then little N ran home to get his parents, and soon we entered one of those moments when time on my street stands still. The  scene turns into something straight out of a story(book). The adults are clapping and cheering him on. The kids are running and shouting. The dogs are barking. And my heart is bursting. I will never, ever forget it. (And T recorded the whole thing on his iphone. Email me for the youtube link if you wanna see the action).

Believe. I’m the first one to shout that word at anyone who’s worried/complaining/fretting/stressing over anything. You have to believe something’s going to happen before it can happen. Period. Little J knows that. And he reminded me at a perfect time. I thanked him for that reminder in the way that’s most meaningful to any Cooper boy:  ice cream. The friends came over, and they all dug in.

Yesterday when I was getting rolled through the PetCt scanner, I just kept thinking of little J’s face when he saw us cheering him on. Bursting with potential and so proud. Everything in his body said, you ain’t see nothing yet. Damn right, little boy. Believe.

Hope you’re having a gorgeous week.


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  1. ronnie’s avatar

    Go, J, go!!! Huge ovation from the South Bay!
    Hugs to all of you … r,p, & m

  2. jo Reilly’s avatar

    way to go little J…what a champion!

    The whole post actually bought a catch to my throat Jenn. What a great image to take into a medical scan with you!

    thinking of you – as always


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