Spring Forward

Things that inspire sweetness and light are on heavy rotation here at Chez Nous. So, luckily for us, Little J got a new booster seat that is both “super-hero red,” and launches him into space. Also lucky for us, tomorrow is the first day of spring. Taaa daaa! (That was the daffodils, by the way, trumpeting what might be their last hurrah).

J and I were in FULL-ON summer gear today. He, shirtless. Me, flip-floppin’.

And yes, those are our newly bloomed Santa Barbara Daisies: The same ones that spent most of the fall and winter seasons brown and plastered to the walkway by little tennis shoes and a muddy-pawed cat. Now they’re basking in the glory of Sugartown sunshine, and so are we.

Have a lovely weekend.


  1. Linda’s avatar

    A super-hero red booster that launches him into space and a scooter that shoots sparks….That kid is riding in style! Glad you enjoyed a well-deserved pre-summer summer day.


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