Don’t Ever

D's Mother, Father, Sister and Brother, 1961

I never got to meet D’s mother. She passed away when he was eighteen. I feel like I know her in some ways, though. For instance, D’s enormous capacity to love and to be loved is one of the clearest glimpses of his mother I could ask for.

This weekend, D showed me a poem his mother wrote. And in these lines, I recognize D’s capacity to believe in himself and the lucky ones he loves.  So inspiring.

Don’t Ever

Don’t ever try to understand everything-

some things will just never make sense.

Don’t ever be reluctant to show your feelings-

when you’re happy, give into it!

When you’re not, live with it.

Don’t ever be afraid to try to make things better-

you might be surprised at the results.

Don’t ever take the weight of the world

on your shoulders.

Don’t ever feel threatened by the future-

take life one day at a time.

Don’t ever feel guilty about the past-

what’s done is done. Learn from any mistakes

you might have made.

Don’t ever feel that you are alone…

there is always somebody there for you

to reach out to.

Don’t ever forget that you can achieve

so many of the things you can imagine-

imagine that! It’s not as hard as it seems.

Don’t ever stop loving,

don’t ever stop believing,

don’t ever stop dreaming your dreams.

  1. D’s avatar

    I find myself staring at the photo. Their faces, the piano.
    The photos on the piano. Their arms and clothes. The back of the photo says January 1961. My parents were 21 years old in that picture. They also have a 6 month old that’s not in the picture and they’ll go on to have 2 more kids (in fact mom either is or is about to be pregnant again). The world will go through so much unimaginable change.

    They never stopped loving and they never stopped dreaming. Though I
    think at some point their dreams became mostly for us.

    Thank you

  2. Jodi’s avatar

    I, too, find myself staring at the picture. In fact, I see my Mom’s high school portrait on the piano. Something I just noticed – that I didn’t notice yesterday. I miss her and often wonder what it would be like to still have her here with us, all this time – as I’m sure you do, too.


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