2010 Winter Sports

The lovely house by the water was perfect. D, little J, and I were the first to arrive. C arrived next, so naturally, we got to work:

Bob Costas, if you are reading, we are true Olympians (of weekend getaway chillaxin’).

And here’s how we medaled (Cue Olympics theme):

M: staying up late in spite of never sleeping.

C: staying in the convo whilst sleeping.

Po: speaking English and yet requiring a translator.

D: as in Dionysus, God of wine, need I say more?

Vanna: bustin’ out the show-tunes (or any other tune for that matter) resulting in much singing and dancing (thanks again to Dionysus, see above).

Bommy: Best. Mexican. Breakfast. Ever.

Me: not leaving a trace of little J’s blood in a rental house upholstered (completely) in white.

Little J: double-gold for seven nosebleeds in two days, and beating all the adults at Candyland. I know. I’m tearing up, too.

The athletes:

Dionysus and Po:

The canoe team:

After finishing the Double-Dipsea:

It was just a few weeks ago but already feels like a dream.

  1. Mmmm’s avatar

    Perfectly encapsulated. But just remembered–the tenacious sticky rubber lizard deserves a medal, too, I think, for most time spent stuck to the 14-foot-high ceiling.

  2. Jennifer’s avatar

    M, you are so right!

  3. Terre’s avatar

    My muscles are sore just reading about your athleticism–the training, the discipline, the sweat and tears–and you all make it look somehow so effortless. Where do I sign up for your next training?

  4. jo Reilly’s avatar

    my muscles *still* ache from so much activity!!!

  5. trash’s avatar

    :-) Looks like y’all had a great time.


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