Season of Peace, Hope and Light

I hope this finds you well and that this season has been bright for you. Little J has been diligently indulging in all of the holiday to-dos and little details: helping put the lights on the house, picking the best tree, making a gingerbread house, singing carols, wearing his elf hat… Each morning I wake to the sound of him getting out of bed, turning on the tree lights, changing the countdown-to-Xmas calendar, getting the day’s pieces out of the Lego Star Wars Advent calendar, letting the dog out and the cat in, and then crawling in bed with me to build the Legos and let me know how many days there are left until Christmas. We are well.

I wasn’t sure what to expect this season, this year. This time of year can feel bleak and dreary in a good year. But to see Little J going about his holiday chores and looking so forward to the family coming over, to singing at the retirement home, and to Christmas morning… there is so much hope. There is light.


Back in June, I wrote that although I would leave this site up, I wouldn’t continue to post on Four Seeds because this blog was really all Jennifer. However, there is a story I wanted to share with you.

My colleague Amy came into my office the other day with something she had to tell me. She closed the door and sat down. Amy explained that over the weekend she had gone to see an author speak about her book on death as a natural part of life. This author was also a medium, and as Amy waited in line to meet and say thank you to the author, she noticed that the author was doing quick readings for people. When it was her turn, Amy shook the author’s hand and introduced herself. The author looked at Amy and said:

“Oh, Amy, I see a woman who is young but sick. Skinny with really short hair, she is very sick. Actually, now the woman is beautiful. Her hair is still short-ish and very cute. She has a huge smile and is almost glowing. She is so beautiful. And she is clutching a little boy. She is pointing to the sick woman. She is trying to pass on a message. She wants the little boy to know that she is not sick anymore. That she is beautiful and happy and not sick. She really wants the boy to know this.”

Amy told me all of this a bit nervous about what I would think, but at the end confidently said, “so I am passing this message on to you so you can pass it on to Little J.”

I’m not sure how you feel about mediums (I’m not sure how I feel about them), but this story brought me a lot of peace. I am so glad that Amy shared it with me. I’m sharing it with you because I believe that Jennifer’s message, though directed first toward Little J, is for all of us.

Little J and I did talk about Mom not being sick anymore, and we’ve been looking at pictures of Jennifer pretty much every evening since. We talk about how beautiful she is, her great smile, her laugh, all the fun things we did together, and the silly things she used to say.

Wishing you Peace, Hope and Light, this season and through the New Year.



  1. Sandra’s avatar

    That’s beautiful, Dennis. And very Jennifer. Merry Christmas to you and Little J. xo

  2. Linda’s avatar

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful story, Dennis. You and little J have been on my mind. So like Jennifer to send a message of love and light. I’ve had little glimmers from her lately too. Big hugs to you and Little J and best wishes for a merry and bright holiday.

  3. Paulette’s avatar

    I’m so glad I read this. Love to you and yours.

  4. Sally Taylor’s avatar

    Thank you for sharing this. I believe Jennifer is well, and is watching over James and you. Her beauty and love are always with us.

  5. JO’s avatar

    What a lovely story Dennis. Thanks for sharing it. I can see Jenn smiling and being ‘not sick’!
    Merry christmas to you both!

  6. Ronnie’s avatar

    Truly wonderful, Dennis. And I can see Jennifer’s radiant smile on little J’s face. There is light, indeed. Sending big hugs, as always. xoxo

  7. Helena’s avatar

    Thank you so much for writing this, Dennis. What a beautiful, peaceful story.

    I had a dream about Jenn the other night, where she was talking animatedly, being lovely as always, and yes, she was glowing—absolutely full of light. I felt incredibly blessed to have had her stop by.

    It’s so lovely to think of you and Little J sharing your stories with each other. I can see you now, and it’s a beautiful picture. Sending much love.

  8. jan’s avatar

    Thanks you for posting this, Dennis. I’m happy you are having a good Christmas and moving toward healing.That is a beautiful story, and looking at the pictures of Little J I know SuperJenn is looking down bursting with love for the two of you. What a handsome young man he is becoming.

    Peace and blessings to you two and all Jennifer’s friends and families.

  9. Marina’s avatar

    Dennis what a beatiful story. I am so glad I read this. It is giving so much peace. My mother just pass away this saturday and I am trying to think the same way about death is natural part of life.

    I am so glad to see pictures of little J and beatiful picture of Jeniifer.
    There is a light.

  10. Ashley Steele’s avatar

    Wow. What a wonderful message to receive. Yay Yay Yay for you and Little J to be living the joy and the love that you have.
    Happy New Year and let’s talk soon.

  11. Nic’s avatar

    Brought tears to my eyes. I, for one, am a believer and glad you found peace in it.

  12. Dawn’s avatar

    Thank you for sharing this. It brought tears to my eyes as well. I truly believe that was a message meant for you and little J.
    Many blessings upon you both and take good care of each other.

  13. Sylvia Barry’s avatar

    Dennis and Little J – Just want to let you know that my father passed away 19 years ago from pancreatic cancer. We were on two coasts, and I had two young boys. I did not visit him much because I was also under treatment for my breast cancer at the time. I got a call early in the morning, scrambled to fly back. My father waited for me to say Good Bye before he left. I was very sad and regretted not being able to spend much time with him.

    Then I had a dream – I boarded a train and my father was on the train. He was young, peaceful and his face was glowing. He turned to me and told me not to worry and that he was fine. The train then stopped, and I walked off the train. I stood there and watched the train disappeared into bright sunset.

    I woke up and all sadness disappeared. Somehow I knew my father came to send me the message.


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