Happy Mothers’ Day

Little J stopped by the hospital this morning with a pink potted geranium and a happy mood.

I gave him so many hugs and kisses to last him until I will see him in just over a day, at the soonest.

He left me with gorgeous grins and laughter to take with me under the anesthesia in about forty minutes.





  1. marina’s avatar

    Dear Jennifer,
    Just read your post.
    Hugs, hugs,hugs,
    Love sending your way.

  2. Terre’s avatar

    What a sweet boy you have there! Thinking of you, Jenn. Sending HUGS galore!

  3. Ronnie’s avatar

    Adding our hugs to the pile, with an extra-special one for little J from Miguel. Love you all! :) rj

  4. jan’s avatar

    Nice salabhasana by your little yogi!


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