Back to School


Our hearts are so full. We’ve had days and days of beautiful sunshine and no school, time to hang out with grandma and “Ray” as J calls his Gramps. So much family time makes me miss my brother. A trip to Seattle is in order for sure.

Last night little J called cousin O to wish him a happy birthday. They chatted about O’s new wetsuit, his trip to the sacred Japanese Shinto. He’s a great one for J to look up to. Just like his dad is for me.

Tending to the family, like a garden that appeared suddenly, like these irises at J’s school. Here, but not forever, to be cherished. Forgetting the seasons of neglect, we look at what’s here now. Always loving what’s here now. I’d forgotten how sustaining the love of family can be.

If you want more love, give more love. I’d let go of that somewhere back in a season of wanting more love. It’s in the giving. The giving.



  1. Terre’s avatar

    Beautiful photo and post, Jenn. Thank you for giving so much!

  2. Helena’s avatar

    Your last paragraph has been just floating in my head for days. Days and days, just thinking about you, thinking about those last lines, thinking about how beautiful they are, and how beautiful YOU are.

    Know that when you see Eric and he leans forward to hug you, that in those arms is all the love I have for you too. I will be there—absolutely!—in those arms around you.

    Yes, and YES. It IS in the giving. Thank you so very much for giving it, Jenn.

  3. Sidney’s avatar

    Those iris are so vibrant. What a beautiful image.

  4. jan’s avatar

    When you come to Seattle, I have an adventure to offer little J. Must figure out how to contact you back channel w/o publishing e-mail. Will send message on Inspire!


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