My PetCt scan went well this morning. Mari spent the night last night so she could take me. It’s always better for D to be able to walk with Little J to school on scan days. It was also good to be able to take an Ativan and not worry about driving home. The Ativan relaxes me and helps me with the nausea caused by the various dyes and radioactive liquids I’m injected with.

My parents arrive on Sunday to stay in the house they’ll be renting for the coming year so that they can come and stay as often as they want.

I get my results on Monday, and we’ll be talking about a new treatment plan.

We are all still pretty stunned that Doxil is not available in spite of the fact that many cancer patients, including me, desperately need it.

Dennis and my mom have been in touch with Congresspeople all week about this. Dennis even spoke with Diane Feinstein’s Chief of Staff. I may not be able to get it for this round of treatment but will definitely need it in the future. It is insane that pharmaceutical companies and their lobbyists are coming between me and my fight to survive.

I’m happy to have so many people on my side, praying and fighting with me.



  1. marina’s avatar


    I am stunned about Doxil.
    Being in the group of this people, who are on your side and praying for you.
    With a lot of love and hugs.

    Little J looks wondrefull.


  2. Amy’s avatar

    Just catching up on your post-Hawaii posts. Inconceivably maddening what is going on with Doxil. Sending love and light your way as always.
    Also need to mention how adult-like Little J’s hands look in that photo of him holding the guitar. The way he’s holding it looks so natural and musician-y. I bet the Geoff’s hands looked like that as a kid when he held an instrument.
    I love you.

  3. Sabine’s avatar

    Just read about Doxil. My ex husband knows soo many people in pharmaceutical. Not sure he can help but you never know. Who makes and what do you know why it is not
    available! I went to Hart with you, btw. Follpw ur blog because of Sandra and Amy.

  4. Sabine’s avatar

    Ok got it. J&J. and shortage. Couldnt figure out why the shortage. I emailed him to ask. I knoe he just did a deal with J&J, but not in cancer in skin care, but still he worked with a few big pharamceuticals. Not sure it can help, but you never know.


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