Countdown to Aloha


I haven’t written in weeks, I realize. I haven’t felt much like it. That hasn’t happened since, well, ever.

I’m not sure why it is but I don’t feel like it matters. The good thing is that I feel like it now.

We’re leaving for a week in Hawaii on Friday. I’m at the Cancer Center now, announcing to all who will listen, that I don’t want to know what my CA-125 is. I’ll deal with that when we’re back, when I have eight days of aloha to buoy me up for any kind of news.

For now, there is shopping for a swimsuit, packing my carry-on with in-flight surprises for Little J, and crossing our fingers for good weather.



  1. Jo’s avatar

    Pack some inflight surprises for yourself my dear! A little chocolate perhaps?

    Which swim suit are you choosing??? I like the black and orange one best ;-)

    Love you xxx

  2. Julie’s avatar

    Watch out Hawaii! Here comes Hurrican Jenn!
    Have a FABULOUS time. Can’t wait to hear all about it. xoxo

  3. Jayne’s avatar

    Have a wonderful time! Drink something in a coconut with a little umbrella for me.. :)
    Love to all

  4. Tracy’s avatar

    It matters to me, Jennifer! I treasure every word that you write here, especially since I don’t live nearby. Enjoy every Hawaiian moment!

  5. Ronnie’s avatar

    Sunshine, gentle breezes, warm sand, and your two favorite boys … what else could a girl need? Have a glorious time, sweetie. I’ll be smiling all week thinking about you. Big hugs & lots of love :)

  6. marina’s avatar

    Enjoy every moment in Hawaii with your family. XOXO


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