Skipping Stones


I woke at six to the sound of Dennis and Little J zipping their hoodies and talking in hushed voices. Each week they head out early to help with the Food Bank. Dennis unloads the truck and his helper makes a display of the food available each week.

I love that they do this together. They’ve also been working hard on their car for the Scouts’ Pinewood Derby Race.

I’ve been taking walks, sometimes with Leigh. We stroll along the marshland and our laughter cracks and scatters across the water like a startled flock of birds.

This weekend our friends from Australia visit and we attend an auction to help cure Kayla Rose.

I passed my next door neighbor on my walk this morning, her bright cheeks two pink flowers on a gray landscape. She was recently diagnosed with cancer. Every ounce of bounce in her step tells me she will be fine.

We blow each other kisses from across the street, then carry on, walking with purpose: two stones skillfully skipped across the water, touching down and changing direction. Never sinking.

  1. Marina’s avatar

    Touching down and changing direction. Never sinking.

    I don’t know if anyone can say it better than you Jennifer.




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