Well, things are going so much better. *Cowers and waits for other shoe.* (Sigh)

My pain is gone, my tumors are gone, my dad is recovering beautifully, and it seems we can all exhale. Whoosh.

And many of you, (Marina, Mom, Sandra, Ronnie, Linda) will be happy to know that I’ve embraced a new, simpler, slower way of life. I’m simply just not doing as much.

I’ve gotten into a routine of spending my mornings reading, resting, walking, juicing and taking care of things around the house. But my main goal for each day is to simply have enough energy to spend quality time with Little J from 2:45 to 6:45. It’s such a blessing to have the strength to pick him up from school each day, rather than send him to after care. It’s so great to have four solid hours with him to go on play dates, do homework, read, go on a bike ride, whatever. It’s totally my job right now to make myself strong enough each day for that time with him. That’s it.

And not much has changed as far as my day-to-day except that I don’t create more busy-ness in my life. I do the bare minimum. I think that’s a lesson I could have used years and years ago.

I would call this a kind of hibernation, except for the fact that we’re not having winter for some reason. Our daffodils are already pushing up through the earth, still dry from a crackling autumn.

It sprinkled a little this morning and rained a bunch the weekend before last, but we need a good soak-down rain, to fill our reservoirs, spill over the edges our rain buckets, fill our gutters with worms.

I’d like to put a log on the fire and sip my tea to the sound of pattering rain while I shore up my energy for an afternoon with Little J. Til then, I’ll imagine the tinnish fingers of my good blessings sprinkling down on the rooftop, recline a little further and wait.



ps: Happy Birthday, Ronnie!

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  1. Ronnie’s avatar

    Thanks, sweetie. Knowing you’re feeling good and taking care of yourself is the best present I could ask for. Love you! xxoo

  2. Tracy’s avatar

    I’m so glad to hear that life is “coming up daffodils” for you, Jennifer. Hmmm . . . not creating busy-ness sounds like a good lesson for me as well. Thanks for the update on your dad.

  3. Helena’s avatar

    So beautiful, Jennifer! Love the sound of your good blessings pattering down… what a wonderful image. I love the idea of slowing down, building strength for what TRULY matters. I am going to hold that idea so close—it’s beautiful. I am so glad for your news! It makes me smile inside and feel such peace— which is a gift you’ve actually given me, as you share yourself here. I’m so thankful for it and for YOU.

    It’s raining here as I write this…a quiet summer rain. Maybe it can come visit you after it’s done here. Wouldn’t that be lovely? :)

  4. Sharon’s avatar

    Happy for this good news. And so much wisdom and love in not overextending. Yay for you as always!! Hugs-

  5. Marina’s avatar

    Jennifer, I am so glad to hear the good news.
    Good bless you and your family.
    I am also so happy that you are slowing down.
    As you mention we as cancer patient do know, that we should do it years and years ago.


  6. Robin’s avatar

    Oh, Jenn:
    I am so very happy to read that you and your dad are over the hump. The words, “the tumors are gone” is a potion for my own soul. I look to you. I am also a UCSF patient and great lover of trips to Cambria–with our dog, of course. I am a college teacher and find that working both distracts my mind and exhausts me, but I go on, thankful to live and touch others and hope hope hope. Bless you and Little J. I love your blog. You have a special writing talent. Daffodils–yes! Spring–yes yes!

  7. Jan’s avatar

    Pain gone. Tumors gone. Father recovering. Beutiful music harmony three part.



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