Feeling so grateful that my pain is much better today.

The prayers, the rain, the lying in bed for hours and reading and chatting with friends and listening to the cat purr… Your loving thoughts and messages. Thank you.

In the background of all that is happening this week, my dad had open-heart surgery. He came through well but is still in ICU.

I was so happy to tell my mom today that my pain was better. She has so much weighing her. My improvement helps her tremendously.

We’re all walking through the desert in Mary Janes, heads bowed and hands folded in prayer. Thankful for improvement. Thankful for all of the amazing people in my life.



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  1. marina’s avatar

    Prayers to your dad and mom. So glad you are feeling better. Hugs and prayers to you.


  2. Ronnie’s avatar

    I’m so thankful you’re feeling better, and I know your dad will be better soon too. Strength and resilience are certainly attributes you both share. Sending lots of love and hugs, as always. xxoo

  3. Jan’s avatar

    Peace and blessings to you three and to your parents. Sounds like a whole shovel-full got dumped on you.

  4. Robin’s avatar

    I’ve been reading about you a long time. Your blog is comforting to me. I, too, have ovca–since 4/08 and two recurrences. I am a UCSF patient. I just want to send you warmth and affection as I know how horrible the disease is. I’m hoping you and your dad are recovering. Is your pain lessening? Have you had any answers? Blessings to all of you and Little J.

  5. Lyndal’s avatar

    Happy New Year! I am happy to read that your pain is lessening (understatement), I hope your dad is experiencing a strong recovery as well. As always, thank you for sharing, blessings to you and your entire family!

  6. Jennifer’s avatar

    Hi Robin,
    I’m so glad you found my blog. I’m sorry about your ovca, but am going to keep you in my prayers. We are STRONG.

  7. Jennifer’s avatar

    Thanks, Lyndal,
    My dad’s doing really well. It was a rough week for the family, but we’re all doing a lot better now.

  8. Jennifer’s avatar

    Hi Jan, Thanks for your sweet thoughts. We’re doing great now.

  9. Jennifer’s avatar

    You are SO right about that, Ronnie. Thanks for reminding me.

  10. Jennifer’s avatar

    Thanks so much, Marina.


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