Break, Over


This morning, Dennis and I went to the hospital near the Cancer Central so I could get my skinny intestine flushed.

The flushing is not a pleasant procedure, but we reassured ourselves with the expectation that I would at least be relieved of discomfort shortly after it was done. Hours later, I was surprised by the pain’s persistence and the call I received from the Gastro Ent.

He said the narrowing has grown smaller since August, that I likely need surgery, and that it might be a tumor causing it. This last point is highly unlikely, but the chance, slim as it might be, is out there.

Deep. Breath.

We are SO used to this kind of back and forthing that we know better than to get worked up over MIGHTS. However, surgery is another thing altogether. We haven’t had to think of this since 2008.

For now, we are taking things moment by moment. First thing is a sigmoidoscopy tomorrow morning under full sedation. Then more updates to follow.

For tonight, it’s Top Chef Texas and perhaps a fire.

Stay tuned…



  1. Mike’s avatar

    I have some extra firewood if you need it….

  2. Lori’s avatar

    It is definitely cold enough in Sugartown for a fire. Hugs back to you, and keep us posted.

  3. Sharon’s avatar


  4. Jenn’s avatar

    Thank you Mike, Lori, and Sharon. I’m feeling the love.

  5. Ronnie’s avatar

    Sending extra hugs to add to the warmth of your fire. Love you guys.

  6. Helena’s avatar

    Oh, Jennifer…I’m thinking of you guys, scooched up by the fire together, loving each other SO much… you are beautiful and I’m sending so much love. Now I’m imagining us scooching up alongside you, all four of us on the couch with you, maybe getting in the way a little bit, maybe blocking your view of the show…but you’d be getting the world’s biggest hug, so that would be okay. :) Thinking of you for tomorrow. Love you.

  7. Tracy’s avatar

    Hang in there, Jennifer!


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