Eye of the Tiger


This is the picture that’s getting me through the morning.

I woke up with a migraine and vomiting, unsure of whether I’m experiencing a reaction to the contrast dye pumped through me for yesterday’s CT scan, or just nerves waiting for the results of the test. Either way, both head and stomach are currently stable as I wait for the call.

The amazing Kim, more guardian angel than nurse and Director of all things at the cancer center, managed to get me a trip through the CT doughnut very last minute AND waited for and hour past her departure time to de-access my port when the scan was finally over. In short, she made a lot of things happen yesterday. Thanks, Kim. Little J’s salute above is for you.

And then there’s Leigh, who managed a lot of back and forthing along the 101, tricky parking lots with hidden exits, and carpool lanes that made us shout, “Winning!” Leigh brings the calm and the funny in these times, and let’s not forget the stashes of car gum and barf bags. This salute is for you:


Deb, I’m not forgetting the ride to pick up the pre-CT smoothies. You will get salutes in person from the Tiger scout across the street.

One thing that made this whole event such a community operation was that Dennis had my car as his was in the shop. Speaking of my husband, who’s cape was all a-flutter yesterday, he came home early to take the boy to his Cub Scouts den meeting and is working at home today while we wait for results.

As I was saying to Mari the other day, there are times when there is nothing holding our family back. For stretches of time, aside from some chemo appointments, we are home free, just living our lives. And then there are times when we are headed to the ER, or on pins and needles, waiting for results. There’s a Tiger salute for these times, too:


So right now we’re on pins and needles. And in fact, some of them feel like they’re sticking out of my belly. Ouch.

I’m looking forward to the next stretch of calm, like we had over the holidays. I can get through this scary time knowing that a time of peace will follow. Just not sure what stands between us now and the stretch of peace. For today, it’s simply waiting.



  1. Ronnie’s avatar

    I’m sending lots of love and enough calming vibes to fill the gap. Big hugs to you three. –ronnie (& paul & miguel too)

  2. Tracy’s avatar

    fingers and toes crossed!

  3. Sharon’s avatar

    Thinking of you and full of hope — Xxxxoo


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