The halls have been undecked. The only snow for miles sits pooled in glass globes neatly packed with stockings, light-up reindeer ears, and crocheted mistletoe doilies.

The holiday vacation was one for the records with its highs and even a few lows. But cheer reigned, and we were able to see and spend quality time with nearly everyone close to our hearts.

But now we enter that awkward time when the confetti and pine needles have been vacuumed up, and the Christmas CDs packed away. School backpacks are back out, and the list of volunteer duties and committees beckons.

Not quite in the new routine yet, but with the holidays behind us, we move forward as if in an airport: we are neither here nor there. We’ve left one place behind but have not quite arrived in another.

And the weather makes this in-between time all the more strange. We wake up to fog and frost. But that clears within hours and spring seems to have sprung. It doesn’t seem right. I need some cold, some rain, some winter weather to plant the bulbs and build a fire by.

Not that I’m complaining about good weather. How un-Californian! It’s just that things seem a little off, a little uncomfortably stalled. I can almost hear someone humming nervously as he turns the record over while simultaneously refreshing my drink.

Speaking of music, I’ve stumbled upon a tremendous talent, someone whom I predict will be huge in 2012 when her new CD Born 2 Die releases later this month: Lana del Rey.

When I first heard her song Videogames on the radio, I had to pull the car over and just let the tune envelop me. It’s a perfect soundtrack to the hazy, cold, rainless days that seem strung out ahead of us. I’ve since listened to several other of her songs and am completely captivated. It’s good music for the inbetweeness of now.

Here’s the video for Videogames. Hope you enjoy the ethereal images of old and new Hollywood as well as the lovely sound that keeps them afloat.

Until the rain grounds me, hugs,



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