Let Your Hearts Be Light

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What a morning. Santa came and left so much. Above all, what warms my heart is seeing Little J on his new roller blades with the neighbor kids, doing what kids do on Christmas morning: make us wish we could freeze them in time, never let them grow older. Where is a snow globe that we could live in, savoring each moment, no need to press pause or rewind? With a tip of the fragile, glass-contained, watery world, we could watch the snow fall and the smiles broaden again and again and again.

Before the sun had even made its way above the frost-laden houses this morning, Little J cautiously made his way down the street on his newly wheeled feet. Princess M from across the street threw open her door and shouted, “Lookin’ Good, J!” Her sweet encouragement, setting the day in motion, still echoes after my second cup of tea.

Now Dennis cooks breakfast and Little J picks through his pile of surprises. I sit, with my fingerless gloves, trying to capture the sweetness, my heart warm and trying to guide me to the words. But I know, as does Virgil, who purrs and stares up at me: it is impossible to capture this moment, to wrap it up and share it with you all. So I’ll just sign off and snuggle back into the moment.

Hope you all are light of heart and filled with a joy you can’t express. Some things we cherish just can’t be saved. Enjoy the time, moment by fleeting, watery, sparkly moment.

Hugs and Merry Christmas,



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