Silent Night

After meeting with Santa:


Losing one of his two front teeth:


And going on his first overnight adventure with the Cub Scouts:


One would think Little J would have had enough excitement in the last few weeks to still have energy for sugarplum fairies and such. Not so. Though he and the neighborhood kids built a paper chain long enough to stretch across the street and though the house is still topsy turvy from not one, but two holiday parties, pre-Christmas cheer prevails around here, with Ho Ho Hos to spare.

Little J interrupts his simultaneous playing with Legos and watching of Rudolph, only to check the NASA website for Santa’s status and ETA.

He’s a little bit worried about going to Little Salty’s for dinner, lest we miss the rotund one’s visit. But we’ve convinced him that Santa and crew have all of Europe to traverse, not to mention the rest of the US east of Sugartown until he makes it to our abode tonight.

So we’ll dine with Leigh and the fam then perhaps drive around town to look at the lights and decorations. Perhaps I’ll post some pictures later to share.

Sugartown partly earns its name this time of year, you know.

I hope you and your families and friends are enjoying a peaceful time together. Sending you so much love.




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