Kayla Rose

Kayla Rose

I’m sorry I haven’t posted since last month. When I go for a long time without writing, I get worried emails from some of you. I’m fine, and we’re all doing well. We’ve just gotten swept up in the joy of the season and all of the fun activities. A post and pictures about all that soon…

In the mean time, I wanted to share with you a story about something tragic that is going on here in Sugartown, something that will hopefully soften your heart and move you to enormous gratitude for all that you have.

A second-grade girl at Little J’s school began to have severe headaches a few months ago, and it was soon discovered that she had a tumor in her brain. After surgery, it was confirmed that the tumor was malignant. You know that now there is a tough road ahead for this beautiful child and her family. In the past few weeks, she has shown unbelievable grace and strength, inspiring her school friends and the entire community.

Please read her story when you get a chance. You will be moved to tears, I promise you. I hope that you are also moved to contribute a little something to help the family along. Kayla’s website includes a Paypay button.

For my part, I’ve also been inspired by Kayla’s mom’s friend Nicole. Nicole and I know each other casually through PTA, and she volunteers through a literacy committee I organize. Since Kayla got sick, Nicole has started fundraisers and has organized as much support as one person can for a dear friend with a sick child. Kayla’s family is lucky to have Nicole in their corner.

If you can’t donate money to Kayla’s family, and even if you can, please say a prayer for her, and only imagine positive outcomes. Picture her healthy.

When cancer affects a child, I feel a crushing bleakness. I feel fragile and wordless. And when I see pictures of Kayla, her tiny body in a hospital bed, I will admit that I question my own faith. I really do. But then, in those same pictures, I feel her undiminished little-girl spirit, the second-grader that still wants to color and open presents and Skype with her best friends, the part of her that reaches out from underneath the disease to connect with her family and supporters, to shine out in spite of it all. It’s her courage and brightness that gives me strength and faith again.

Hugs and prayers for you little Kayla,


  1. Nicole’s avatar

    Thank you my friend. The Dehnerts are a very special family. I am honored to help them, and I must add that there are so many of us working together to support them that it is just amazing. I feel honored to be a part of the “Friends of Kayla” group. Having said that, I must say that you are also a great inspiration for me. I just loved you from the first minute I met you! You have the strength and elegance that we all would like emulate.

  2. MsMiller’s avatar

    I echo everything Nicole said. And lots of love, light and prayers to Kayla and her family. Whoosh. xo


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