The trip down to the Charming-Town-By-The-Sea was wonderful in every way. Grandma and Grandpa were thrilled to see little J, and the feeling was mutual.

Though the weatherman threatened rain, gorgeous weather greeted us every day. And speaking of greeting, the moment we arrived, a deer crept up behind the house and allowed Little J to get nearly within hugging distance:
Little J was beside himself the whole time. Always on an adventure. Looking for wildlife around every corner, and for blue whales migrating South:
Dennis and I spent as much time as we could resting: watching the parade, doing puzzles and the LA Times crossword, and taking naps under a skylight overhung by oak trees. There’s something so idyllic about my parents place. It’s hard not to just drift off at odd times of day.

Before my mom came down with a terrible cold, we managed an outing all together:

But after mom was in bed sipping hot water and lemon, it was all about catching up with dad:

The best thing about being by the beach is the calm that comes with the waves and the sun and all that fresh air. Certain stolen moments, when your heartbeat slows to match the heartbeat of the one you hold close, you feel like the moment is forever:

Of course, when we returned, we had some explaining to do to Virge. Debbie had taken the very best care of him, but that didn’t stop him from giving us his usual dose of grief for having left him alone. No matter. He showed us that he wasn’t letting us out of his sight again by occupying our luggage:
Don’t worry, Vigil, It’s home sweet home for us for a while.



  1. Rebecca’s avatar

    Happy belated Thanksgiving! I’m so glad you had a wonderful time with family. Sending you hugs from ATX!


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