Palm-lined Reverie


One of the things I loved about growing up in and around Los Angeles was going to museums and seeing plays and musicals with my parents. I’m so grateful to my mom for taking us to the Norton Simon, the Getty, and to see shows at the Mark Taper and Pantages.

So yesterday I was feeling a little nostalgic when Sandra and I drove down LA’s broad, palm-line boulevards to get to LACMA, Los Angeles County Museum of Art. When we parked, I could hear my mom saying, “I just love these old California homes.”

Once inside, works by Klee and Kandinsky made me think of my brother. And even though the museum website said they had none, a painting by Mark Rothko, (my favorite artist) surprised me as I rounded a corner and took my breath away.


I was so exhausted after viewing just one half of one wing of LACMA. Seriously, friends, nothing reminds me of my daily fatigue like walking and standing on concrete floors. I felt defeated and almost cried over not being able to take in any more art.

Thankfully Sandra was on hand to buck me up and talk me into a strong cup of tea at the outdoor cafe instead of calling it a day. Sure enough, after some caffeine and rest, I was ready to take on the California Design Retrospective which we’d heard was not to be missed.

Beautifully curated, the exhibit featured 1930-65 lifestyle accoutrement and furniture. From bathing suits:


To a full Eames livingroom:


The best thing about the exhibit, the thing that made me nearly faint, was seeing my car, the 1963 Studebaker, Avanti. White. On the day that I was born, my father drove my mother and me home from Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital in the Avanti. And I drove the Avanti from the time I was 17, until I was 30, when I decided I needed something a little more reliable.


Ah, talk about nostalgia! Dennis and I have quite a history of driving the Avanti around San Francisco and the Wine Country when we were first dating. Maybe some day we’ll bring her up from my parents’ house to Sugartown and take Little J for a ride.

Meanwhile, let’s see what today in LA has to offer. Another trip down memory lane?



  1. Terre’s avatar

    Enjoy your ride down memory lane, Jennifer! Thanks for sharing the photos. When I met you in 1999 you were driving the Studebaker. I thought you were beyond cool!! And then I learned I was right!

  2. MsMiller’s avatar

    It was a splendid day, utterly synchronistic. Surrounded by beauty, artistry and inspiration, not to mention the collections the museum curated. xo

  3. Jennifer’s avatar

    A ha, exactly. Noodles on you!!


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