Fall Back

We woke to rain this morning and stayed snuggled in bed until the very last moment before getting off to the airport.

The boys are off to the science museum in The City to see sharks, and I’m off to LA to see friends and scientists.

The three-year anniversary of my personal interest in a cure for cancer looms. I’m happy to be here, to be nearing another November 17th. Always so cold and a little gloomy of an annual remembrance.

We’ve been filling the shorter, chillier days with projects, board games, and creativity, baking, fires, and playdates. Keep things moving, I say: the inspirational juices, the laughter.

Painting a ninja into life:


Making cupcakes from scratch with Twix (to make up for the “scratch”):


Having colorful picnics with friends:


Blogging on the road:


What are you doing to keep your heart happy and full as the days grow shorter?




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