Last time I posted, we were enjoying summery weather. Well the cold has set in. So suddenly and thoroughly. I admit, it feels good to be snuggling up to the cat for warmth, zipping little J into his puffy coat. Now if I could only find that other glove!

Halloween night was a hit around here. I even dressed up as the Mighty Bee. (Don’t worry, no one else got it either). The lighting in this picture isn’t ideal but it’s all I’ve got:


Little J and Dennis hit the streets while I passed out candy. We had fewer trick-or-treaters than normal, but the boy came back with an impressive haul:


Really impressive:


Before your teeth start to fall out just looking at this, please know that the Switch Witch (TM Monica!) swapped out his candy for a new toy a few days later.

One holiday in the bag, and several more coming down the pike. With D’s bday, Thanksgiving with my parents, Christmas, Cooper Christmas, etc, etc, we’ve got lots to celebrate, as do you all.

Speaking of, the Avastin-Cytoxin regimen continues to work as my CA-125 slips ever lower. If you don’t count the day in the ER last week (crushing migraine, CT scan for brain bleeding, all clear) the side-effects are really quite manageable.

I’m trying to get the Switch Witch to come take something (anything!) in exchange for a drama-free holiday season so we can keep on bumping along our merry way, snuggling up against the cold and counting our blessings like little pieces of wrapped candy.

Hugs and sweetness,


  1. Marina’s avatar

    Dear Jennifer. Thank you for posting. Little J looks amazing with candy and with you all dress up. I wish you can get this Switch Witch for good holiday and for the future too.


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