Marin Civic Center, by Frank Lloyd Wright

It’s a perfectly cozy Tuesday to still be resting off an exciting weekend.

Dennis and I saw a Michael Beckwith lecture Friday night at the Marin Civic Center. Between him and his amazingly talented wife, Ricky Byers-Beckwith, we were filled with inspiration and energy. And believe me, I needed it after a full-on day at the pumpkin patch with Little J’s class:

Little Dudes with their Haul

Stuffed Creature in Lifelike Diorama, haunts the barn at the pumpkin patch

The next day, I was all coffee-and-my-robe baking cakes for the school Halloween carnival. Little J’s class had the Cake Walk (best) game. Thank GOODNESS there was a ninja on hand to guard my creations:

Spooky eyeball cakes watching ninja guard.

Meanwhile, the boys did an excellent job spookifying the front porch:

Then it was off to the carney, where the kids turned it out with their costumes this year. Meet Olivia and the Robot:

Sunday, I had a brunch for fourteen of my loveliest lovelies. So glad you could make it. We had food and drinks and tried on clothes and shopped and laughed. The last people left at four:

I warned that the pomegranate-champagne would knock your socks off but co-host Julie had so much fun she forgot her shoes!!

The boys were at Limantour beach all the while:

Limantour Beach, Marin County

Rumor has it a wave came and stripped Little J of his skivvies. You can imagine the laughter that ensued. Little J expended his last drops of energy telling the story over and over again, with an I’m-still-at-the-beach-shouting-over-the-waves-volume.

Hope you’re having fun gearing up for Halloween and, if you’re in the Bay Area, enjoying the bizarrely summery weather.



  1. Julie’s avatar

    So that’s why I am walking around barefoot! Pomegranate champagne stole my shoes :) LOVE that Little J lost his shorts in the water – can completely picture his retelling of that at full throttle volume. What a weekend my friend! Agape love to all.

  2. Helena’s avatar

    I love everything about this, Jenn. Every last drop of this! I am so glad you got to be with your loveliest lovelies. I love the pomegranate champagne (must try!). I can hear Little J shouting his stories from here. And your laughter. And I can see the smiles. They are lighting up my sky.

    Love you

  3. Helena’s avatar

    Those last two words were supposed to have an exclamation mark at the end.

    Here ’tis: !

    Oh, here’s some more :)



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