Fortis Et Stabilis

When Little J sings Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Mo, I’m always surprised by how proud I feel when he gets to the part: My mother says to count to ten… That’s me. I’m the one he’s talking about. I’m mom, telling him to count to ten.

I still remember playing Eenie Meenie on the playground at Pinecrest Elementary, when we still lived in Woodland Hills. Laura Ingalls dress, Dorothy Hamill haircut, Buster Brown shoes and coat. My mother “said to count to ten” back then and it was my dad who “had a donkey” (inkey binkey bonkey).

Some moments I loved so hard that I squeezed them right into the memory keep-sake zone while they were still happening. Do you ever do that? You know that a certain moment is so great while it’s unfolding, taking shape, that you experience a full-fledged nostalgia for it, right while it’s happening?

I felt that this weekend as Uncle Mike showed us his brand new tricked out bike:

On which he had emblazoned the O’Shaughnessy (Dennis’s mother’s Irish ancestry) family motto:

Fortis Et Stabilis

And on Sunday, when we participated in the Bocce Ball tournament to support the local School Fuel:

Bocce Dads

Marin Bocce Club

Bocce Love

Bocce Boys: The one on the right is Little J. His bff is his twin!

The light in the fall, that crisp something in the air, frames each moment and preserves the little special things we do in a perfect glass memory Mason jar for later. When I go to fetch them from the nostalgia pantry for later,  nothing will have changed.

When I pop that lid, I invite you over to slide down my rainbow into my cellar door…

Hope you’re enjoying these crisp, clear days of autumn.




  1. Helena’s avatar

    Oh, lovely, Jenn. I totally have moments like that. I’m always taking mental pictures; I’m saving, I’m thinking, This, Here, is something to Cherish. I still remember a moment breastfeeding my girl—it’s as pure and perfect as the moment it happened. Yes to the Mason jar—I so love your imagery, so love your energy and emotion. Thank you, beautiful friend.

  2. Jennifer’s avatar

    Hi Helena, thanks for the lovely comment. I knew you’d understand. Biggest hugs to you.

  3. Marina’s avatar

    Beatiful pictures to share and wonderful words. I have feeeling like that when my daugther on the tennis court-it is me who watch her, it is me who she look at when she get the shot. I know the feeling…. thank you for putting this in the words


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