Sometimes I receive cards, letters and handmade gifts from readers I know. I love every single one of them. In fact, I love anything made by hand.

Last month, I received a gift that made me cry.

Lyndal,  a woman who worked with Dennis back at the turn of the century, sent me a quilt. I’ve met Lyndal only once. I guess eight or so years ago, Dennis and I were out for Friday night dinner and drinks at A’ Cote, our favorite spot in Rockridge. Lyndal and a friend were sitting across from us at the bar. She came over to say hello. And I don’t know what else she said, but I remember laughing so hard that I wanted pick up my drink and purse and grab Dennis by the elbow, and just go sit over with Lyndal. She was hilarious, a kick in the pants.

September was Ovarian Cancer Awareness month. And teal is the OC ribbon color. I don’t know if Lyndal knows that. But she made me a quilt of gorgeous teals and blues and greens and yellows.

Beautiful, isn’t it? When I first unwrapped it, I was instantly struck by the colors and patterns. Then I noticed a detail from one of my previous posts:

Then I noticed that several of the squares had text on them. I love the incorporation of text in any kind of art. As I looked closer, I noticed the words were mine, from posts on FourSeeds.

That’s what made me cry, reading little snippets of my own words on a beautifully hand-made gift, made for me by someone I’d only met once. In her sweet card that came with the quilt, Lyndal said the gift was a way for her to express that my “writing reaches far more people than you even know.”

It feels a little boastful to be sharing this with you, but the truth is I found Lyndal’s gesture so touching and artful that I had to share. You see, most of the time, when someone tells me how much they like the blog, I feel pretty embarrassed, as if I somehow don’t know people read it. And yet I do know how many people read it.  And I feel connected to the readers.

So, this is to say that I don’t take that connection for granted one little bit. I am constantly amazed and red-faced about it, like the girl on the quilt.

And thank YOU Lyndal, for making me this precious gift and for sharing your thoughts with me. I hope we see each other again sometime soon.



  1. Kristin Sherman’s avatar

    lovely, lovely the quilt, lovely your appreciation.

  2. Jennifer’s avatar

    Thank you, Kristin. xoxox

  3. Helena’s avatar

    Beautiful, Jennifer. What an incredible, stunning gift. I love your words so much, and the connection I feel to you when I read them. Yes, your words reach many people, mean so much to people, change people. We are so much better, for having you here, for you sharing you.


  4. Terre’s avatar

    absolutely beautiful–all of it and any way you look at it. Thank you for sharing, once again, Jennifer!

  5. Lyndal’s avatar

    I am SO pleased you like it and you’re very very welcome Jennifer. For future reference, you can come sit with me any time. : )

  6. lisa boylan’s avatar

    What a beautifully sweet and thoughtful gift. That is truly something to treasure…….

    I’ve known Lyndal for, oh, about 23 years and although we did not keep in contact for a majority of that time, when we finally did, it was as though time never changed. She is a kind and gentle soul…..a beautiful person and obviously incredibly thoughtful.

    Thank you for sharing this story…..and thank you Lyndal, for being YOU.


    P.S. I am a two-times recent rare cancer survivor, so I GET IT! <3


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