It’s been a big week for the Cooper family. First of all, Little J earned his yellow belt from his Taekwondo Master. J was so excited I had to hold him by the shoulders so he wouln’t ricochet around the studio like a champagne cork.

His red cheeks and wide eyes melted my heart, but what gave me chills was what his Master said. Little J thanked his Master for the belt and his Master replied, “Thank you for not once asking for it.”

In the middle of digging for my keys, I closed my eyes and felt the Master’s message sink in, straight to my already mushy heart. I was reminded of a dapper man in his pressed and tailored dress shirt, standing at a podium, making a speech.

Dennis and his friend Henry, owner of our favorite pub, Finn’s, have been working tirelessly along with others to stop the Sugartown city planners from spending too many millions of dollars on something unnecessary and ultimately detrimental to the town.

Those of you who know Dennis, especially those who’ve worked with him, know that he’s not the guy standing in your kitchen complaining about how messed up the local government is. He’s the guy running for the Planning Commission, drawing up a petition, and joining forces with other committed folks to make change happen.

This week, Dennis spoke at a City Council meeting, then stayed past eleven for public comment, and spoke again. He came home exhausted, but the satisfaction and thrill of putting his best self forward shone in his eyes. Like his son’s. With his yellow belt.

We’re still not sure what the City will decide, but Little J and I are so proud of and so inspired by Dennis’s commitment.

So last night, we took to Finn’s to celebrate, sundaes and all. Mama even had something to clink about as well. The Avastin and Cytoxin regimen I’m on his working. My CA-125 has been slashed in half in the six weeks I’ve been taking these two drugs.

So with fudgey spoons and smiling faces, we huddled, we three Coopers, in a cozy booth and said a cheer for what I guess you could call a triumph of our family’s values: dedication to community, personal improvement, health, and above all, a never-give-up spirit.

Happy weekend to you all. If you enjoy some ice cream, don’t forget to lick that spoon. There’s so much to savor.



  1. Amy’s avatar

    please write every day. it’s always the best thing i read.

  2. Jenny’s avatar

    Oh, I second what Amy writes. I love reading your blog. You always touch your heart, and in doing so, touch ours. And you have so much heart! Congrats to all in your family–quite a week.

  3. Jenn’s avatar

    Thanks, Amy and Jenny. You’re so sweet to say this, especially on a day when my un-spell-checked version went out. I’ve been fixing the typos from the doctor’s office.

  4. marina’s avatar

    Beatiful writing as always, I am so happy that CA is dropping. Chemo is going in the right direction and amazing little J, who knowns at his age how hard life can be.

  5. Jan’s avatar

    Yippee! It’s going down. It will continue to go down. It will.


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