Home Sweet Home

Boys Being Boys

It feels good to be back home in Sugartown and enjoying the sweetness of everyday life. Little J was brave while I was away. And thanks to Lil’ Salty and his family, and others, he stayed happy, too. But trust when I say he’s glad to have mama back. While we colored sea animals last night, he told me about the fun he had with Salty and his sisters, playing dress-up.

Boys Being Girls

Exhausted as I am, and still processing the brutal procedures, there is nothing that is going to keep me from remaining happy and optimistic through all this. Nothing. Yes, the diet is incredibly restrictive, but I’m not even seeing that. I’m seeing an opportunity to get creative with healthful foods that can be enjoyed by a person with “skinny” intestines. Maybe there is a recipe book in the offing. Who knows?

For now, Life is all Friday Folders, play dates, soups, and the vegetable garden. It’s snuggling in bed and getting dressed and not being attached to an IV pole. It’s nothing more than my two feet with a cute pedicure, touching the floorboards each morning.

Hugs to you,


  1. Sidney’s avatar

    Welcome home, Miss Jenn. I can’t think of a more nurturing environment for you.

  2. Lori’s avatar

    Welcome home.

    I say we write a recipe book together and give the proceeds to cancer research.

  3. Trace Face’s avatar

    Friday folders never looked so fun, huh? I have a feeling you are going to come up with some fabulous garden-to-table soup recipes. Get Little J to help you name them!


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