For Keeps

I love this birthday card Christina gave me. The woman’s eyes say it all. She is loved.

Two birds, like best friends, flutter to her side, and she is adorned: flowers tucked behind her ears, necklaces layered on her collar bone. She is celebrating her birthday. There is nothing more optimistic than celebrating a birthday, nothing more hopeful than believing in the ritual of celebration, of adornment, of friendship.

Carolyn flew in on Friday.

Whether Carolyn swoops in at a time of crisis or  flies in for a celebration, I feel so lucky to be one she comes to see.

On Saturday, Mari joined us. And then the circle was complete.

It’s all we need, really. Just to be together for hours of magazine flipping, chatting, laughing and adding logs to the bonfire of hope we’ve been stoking for almost three years now. You can call a shaman to your house to heal you. Or you can nestle in with your closest friends, the ones who know and evoke your authentic power, who know (for instance) the 20-yr-old you, the one with strength and confidence, the one who would not stand for something as ludicrous as cancer. Time spent with them in my nest shores me up for challenges ahead, and reminds me that there is a part of me that will never be reached by any disease.

I think of all the time the three of us spent together when we three lived within blocks of each other in San Francisco, or all the time I spent with Carolyn when we were 20, traveling by train through the UK. And now that we live in different cities and states, any time  we can spend together is  precious.

On Sunday, I was surprised by a gathering at the Left Bank in Larkspur.  I felt so lucky to be surrounded by the kind of women who inspire me to love, create, and live with my heart wide open. I was so tired from staying up late the night before, but felt energized by my amazing friends. Thank you, ladies:

This birthday was all about nesting with my loved ones and adornment.


There is nothing that inspires me more than the love of my friends and my family, except perhaps, learning how and what they see in me. Thank you for giving me strength and inspiration.

My biggest birthday wish must remain a secret of course. May all the love in my life give my wish wings.



  1. Adrian’s avatar

    Very nice

  2. Jo’s avatar

    What a great day! xxx

  3. marina’s avatar

    Happy delayed b-day. Sound like a really nice day. All love to you.


  4. Amy A.’s avatar

    Happy belated birthday, Jennifer! Tommy sent our family the link and it was an unexpected pleasure this morning to catch up on your blog, your life . . . and Carolyn’s visit. What a remarkable friendship you share. I wish I could write something even remotely as lovely, and poetic, and insightful as you write, but please know that 1) you have an admirer in SLC and 2) you are in my thoughts and prayers. Sending you positive energy, strength, hope and love. Amy Albo

  5. Jennifer’s avatar

    Hi Amy, thanks so much for the sweet note. Biggest hugs to you and the fam.


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