Belle Epoque

Some day, I feel that this summer will be remembered as part of a sort of Belle Epoque. It’s hard for me to say exactly why I feel this way. So just pictures for now:

A long overdue visit from Trace-Face.

And Tracy's girls. The Mighty A-to-Z.

Little J, getting lost in the lavender at Jason and Marco's new home.

Swoon. This will be one of the, "My dad was so cool" photos that J shows his girlfriends.


And one of me because I love the light, which seems to grace this moment and so many others these past few weeks.


Oh, and this one. My view from the hammock. Can you spot the monkey?



  1. Sidney’s avatar

    Simply wonderful. Thanks for sharing, Jenn!

  2. Jo’s avatar

    It does look like you’re having a fabulous summer Jenn. That light is amazing and the view from your hammock is pretty cool too!

  3. marina’s avatar

    What a nice pictures. I agree with you on that light- it is a very special feeling.

    Love, Marina

  4. Jenn’s avatar

    Thanks for your sweet comments, ladies. This summer has been so special and beautiful.

  5. Trace Face’s avatar

    The girls would like to thank you for making them famous! It was such a fun day . . .


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