Packing up for a road trip down to the Pretty Town by the Sea. We’re all so excited to see Grandma and Grandpa.

Last night, we went through some old pictures of previous visits:

Showing Grampa the sights.

Getting to know Captain.

Enjoying some fresh summer corn in "town."

Like a Wilson Cooper, guarding some cherished alone time.

We’re looking forward for a few days of soothing ocean waves, fresh sea air, and perhaps a visit to the grumpy old elephant seals.

I can wait to exhale across the water after a week that seemed scattered and unraveled for lots of us: texting, emailing, and chatting constantly with friends, many of whom had things come undone this week, or never really come together. By midweek, I had coffee with a friend who, like me, had to keep reminding herself what day it was, what needed to get done, where the kids were. It was just one of those weeks.

Surprisingly, one of the things that grounded me over the past few days was Oprah’s final show. Seriously. Not the pre-finale with all the hoopla and surprises, but the final-final show. She stood in her soft pink dress and just spoke for an hour about how we all owe it to ourselves to find our purpose in life. To shine. Whether it’s being a loving mom, a baker, the President, a teacher, a writer, whatever. She said that if she could bless us all with anything, it would be for us to find what makes us shine and give us the means to do it with all our heart. Can’t put that under a chair.

I watched the episode twice. It gave me comfort. I love that Oprah also reminded us to take responsibility for the energy we bring to any situation, because our energy affects every living thing around us.  Are you a nervous wreck? Are you walking into the room bitter, angry, your stomach in knots over what someone did to you? Or are you walking in with an open heart, willing to let your guard down and just be grateful for the people in your life right this minute? Gratitude is an anchor to the moment. Saying an inward thank you for (insert anything) makes my light shine. I can feel it. I was glad to be reminded to tap into the gratitude before reacting to drama. I needed that reminder.

I’m not sure what my life’s purpose is, but I am willing to sink into this very moment and be so grateful for everything I have. And while I’m here, I’m going to say thank you for all of those brave souls who’s calling is or was to put themselves in harm’s way. To put on a uniform and risk everything for a cause. To maybe lose their lives. Thank you for shining and risking it all.

Have a wonderful weekend, whatever you have going on.




  1. Jo’s avatar

    Thank you Jenn, a timely reminder in my case as I often feel a little swamped with what’s going on!

    I love your words!

  2. amy’s avatar

    i felt the same way about the final oprah. i might never delete it from the dvr.


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