It’s been so nice to be back home in the arms of my loving boys. The weather was gorgeous this weekend. We celebrated Heather’s birthday in stylish hats, in honor of the Royal wedding, as Heather is our local English Rose.

And speaking of nuptials, and love, and things that sing to a girl’s heart so that she can get back on her feet…take a look at this swoony wedding video Mari showed me over the girls’ weekend. It’s by Vlad Chaloupka, artist, photographer, film-maker and dream-renderer extraordinaire. I promise it will make you smile. Be sure to keep watching after the screen goes black for a sec.

Viva amor!

Ben and Erin from Vladimir Chaloupka on Vimeo.

  1. Vladimir Chaloupka’s avatar

    Hi Jennifer, thank you for posting this on your blog, I’m glad you enjoyed the video!
    And thank you for such a nice write up….”dream-renderer,” I love that! :)




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