The Long Haul

It feels like it’s been a while since I’ve written anything or even felt the desire to. The truth is, my weekly taxol regimen has been much harder than we thought it was going to be. The first two weeks were fine, but after that, I had a week of fevers which resulted in a trip to the ER, and week of such utter exhaustion that my heart was all fluttery and my vision blurred. I was walking through Whole Foods when suddenly it felt like I was wearing someone else’s glasses. It was scary.  It went away quickly. But, still.

I’ve simply been physically and emotionally drained and too pooped to post.

But enough boo hoo.

The good news is that we know the MORAB-003 trial is working. My latest CT scan showed that the 7mm “lesion” is now 1-2 mm. And there seems to be no new activity. Whew. The other good news is that we’ll be able to lower my dose of taxol starting next Monday. I’m hoping this will mean that I won’t have to literally draaaag myself everywhere like a too-heavy back pack. I’ve also learned that sometime this summer, I’ll start getting every third week off of chemo altogether.

So, if this stuff keeps working, gets more tolerable, and allows me to have a break here and there, what else could I ask for. Hair? Who needs it when there are wigs and cool summer fedoras.

I’ll be posting again soon when I make through these doldrums.



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  1. Helena’s avatar

    Jennifer, I’m so sorry you’ve felt poopish and sluggy. I am SO SO glad the trial is working. I felt this wave of Oh, and another wave of Yay!, and I wish I could come over this minute in this big wash of Yay!, to give you a hug filled to the brim with love.

    I hope it gets easier soon. Sending love and smiles to you, from ALL of us, if you can stand it!

  2. Tracy’s avatar

    Hang in there, amiga; summer is just around the corner. And who needs hair? Look at what we did with it in the 80s–ouch. The trial is working, so just hold on to that until summer . . .

  3. Lorell’s avatar

    Yippeee skipeee! The trial is working… best news ever is to hear those little stinkers are shrinking! I am currently doing 3 weeks on 1 week off and yes that one week off is a little slice of heaven. I planted some flowers the other day so things here are a little brighter even though the skies are grey. Soon the sun will shine on your beautiful face and your head will get a tan. whoooo hooo!


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