One for Beauty

When I was first diagnosed with the “real OC”, Ms. Miller sent me a link to a website that changed my life:

Crazy Sexy Life is the home of Kris Carr, Crazy Sexy Cancer Survivor, documentary film-maker and author. Before I started chemo, I’d read her book Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips, and so had my bffs M and C. I loved the book because it taught me how to deal with my diagnosis in the way that I try to deal with everything: with confidence, hope, and a sense of humor. But it also taught me how to deal with the other ways I tend to deal with scary things: freaking out, panicking, and going out of my mind. My friends loved the book because it offers an amazing perspective on how to deal with life in general, because life is shocking, unpredictable and sometimes insane, even if you are not dealing with the Big C.

Over the years, Kris Carr’s website has evolved into a hub of priceless information for the Crazy Sexy Survivor, the Healthy, and the Worried Well alike. Once you’ve clicked around, you’ll be inspired. I promise.

Why “One for Beauty”?

For Kris Carr, living with Stage IV (ta daa! [I don't know, I feel like that phrase always needs some sort of flourish]) cancer is about digging deep, finding the inner beauty in the scary places.

And she’s gorgeous. Check it out:

Crazy Sexy Cancer promo from Crazy Sexy Life on Vimeo.

  1. terre’s avatar

    Inspired, Jennifer, thank you! I want to remember that I don’t “have” to get the big C in order to learn to approach life in this way–full of energy, health, healing, humor, love…

  2. Kris Carr’s avatar

    Thank you so much for these kind, beautiful wonderful words! You really brightened my day. Much love, peace & veggies…
    Kris Carr


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